GollyGosh Equine Deluxe Massage Ball

GollyGosh Equine Deluxe Horse Massage Massaging Kit. Be an equine masseuse, low cost, easy useful instructions: relax, de-stress and ease discomfort in horses for health, well-being, enhance vitality, muscle recovery relief.

Easy to Use, Fun and Therapeutic!  No need to be a physio; chiro or vet to bring stress relief to horses, simply use the GollyGosh Equine Deluxe Massage Ball with our comprehensive easy to follow instructions. Massaging your horse is: fun, great exercise and therapeutic for your horse.

Anywhere and Anytime!  This Equine Deluxe Massage Kit uses no electricity, nothing to plug in, use the massage kit anywhere, at any time: paddock, stables, cross country course, tie up areas of all shapes and sizes, before entering the competition arena.

Provides Ultimate Horse Well-being – Fight and flight response animals, such as horses get easily stressed fighting the urge to succumb to their natural survival instincts. Regular use of the GollyGosh Equine Deluxe massage ball may maintain calmness and assist the ultimate well-being of your horse.

High Quality, Promotes Vitality – The deluxe massage ball is made from all natural, renewable and sustainable wooden materials. Massage is an accepted activity that really helps your horse on so many levels: post exercise recovery, relaxing, de-stressing and enhancing overall vitality and well-being.

Stimulates Natural Processes – Equine massage improves blood circulation, helps flush lactates from muscles and improves circulation of lymph fluid which carries waste from muscles to internal organs, thereby resulting in lower blood pressure and improved body function.

The Affordable and Effective Horse Massage Kit – Investing in the GollyGosh Equine Massage Kit will provide the best return for the smallest cost for equine gear ever bought.

GollyGosh Equine – The GollyGosh philosophy is that our horses teach us so much about the world we live in, we ourselves and how to live life to the full. No matter how much we give our horses, they always give us more in return. We pride ourselves on providing our customers horses with therapeutic, high quality products that support horse well-being.